The Trouble Thieves Go To For Your Credit Card Money

Do you remember how John Connor in the Terminator 2 movie would go to any ATM, plug his Atari laptop into the slot and do whatever he had to do to get a little “Eeezy money”? Thieves who go after your debit or credit card money aren’t resourceful on their own the way, Sarah or John Connor were in the movie. They have their own tech marketplace where they go for their tools and for their James Bond equipment. Crimes committed through ATM machines are somehow on the rise these days.

Law enforcement officials theses days are finding computerized devices like skimmers everywhere where you might expect to use your credit card – at gas pump payment points, ticket vending machines, ATMs and everywhere else. Thieves make off with debit and credit card money belonging to individuals worth tens of thousands: most often, with impunity. This kind of crime is so easy for thieves to successfully complete and get away with that in most parts of the country, you stand a greater chance of being robbed this way than of getting mugged.

Most of the time, the people who go after your credit card money try to use skimming methods. That’s where criminals try to go in and place an overlay over the ATM keypad and to place a fake card reading machine there too. When you try to use the machine, they get to a look in and steal all your data. They can use this data to make a clone of your card or to sell it to someone who can. If you are thinking that that would never work with you because you would always quickly catch a fake-looking ATM machine, think again. These thieves get in touch with manufacturers who will custom-make sophisticated machinery to get the exact look of a bank’s ATM machines. Isn’t it hard to get all of this equipment?

It sure is; most thieves couldn’t possibly have the resources for this kind of skilled crime. But that isn’t all that hopeful thieves need to contend with. Thieves of this kind often find that they are themselves the target all kinds of criminal activity. One of the most troublesome kinds of crime that ATM thieves face themselves is from the designers of these fake ATM skimmers. Often, these “businesses” that make these fake machines will try to rip any ATM thief off by selling them devices that seem to look the part, but that contain no machinery.

It is notoriously difficult for a thief to come by a working skimmer (that can cost $5000). They can hardly look for a BBB logo next to someone trying to sell a fake ATM, now can they? All they can do is go to shady Internet forums like ATMBrakers to find sellers.

Most of these machines come from Eastern Europe and Russia. And those are places where you need to know the language to do business. What is an honest criminal to do?

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